Business Development

The main strategy for working with new companies includes a four-phase approach:

1. Initial Review
2. Business Analysis
3. Business Development
4. Continuing Support

Phase 1: Initial Review

During a 2-3 day period Abrena personnel will validate the business and product of a potential client company.

After the initial review, Abrena will advise the prospective client company of its findings and make a decision whether to continue its work with the company. If the decision is to continue, the company becomes an Abrena client. 

Phase 2: Business Analysis

The Business Analysis phase, will be conducted over a 1-3 month period where Abrena does business verification (product versus market requirement). This is an effort where Abrena will be taking the lead in structuring the strategy for introducing the product to North America. At the end of this engagement, Abrena provides the client with a detailed business plan outlining the steps necessary to pursue the North American market. Back to Top

Phase 3: Business Development

Abrena will take on the business and organizational development for the North American market. One of our Senior Partners will lead the effort on behalf of the client to market and sell the product to US and Canadian customers. Generally, Abrena will identify key customers that should be asked to become the client's beta and reference accounts in North America. With the technical support of the client, Abrena's Partners will call on those prospective customers and make the initial product sales.

Once the reference accounts are established, Abrena's Senior Partners will use their network of contacts to identify and recruit permanent North American sales executives for the client. Abrena's involvement will continue until the permanent client staff is committed and trained.

During this period, also, Abrena will be available to assist the client in seeking capital to fund its expansion. Back to Top

Phase 4: Continuing Support

Abrena is committed to achieving a sustainable business model for its clients in North America. Abrena will remain involved and offer its services on an ongoing basis to insure our client's success. Back to Top