Nordic Reference Examples

Over the past 20 years, Abrena has worked with a large number of domestic and international clients.

Below is a representative sampling of Abrena's diversity of clients and business achievements:

- A European client with a portfolio of PC- based telephony products (PBXs, call centers, voice mail, interactive voice response, automatic call distribution, IP telephony, fax, soft modems and ISDN routers) contracted with Abrena to serve in the capacities of President, VP Sales and Marketing, VP Engineering, and VP Finance. During the engagement period, Abrena was instrumental in raising $10M in financing and building their U.S. engineering and sales organization.

- A developer of high performance computer systems engaged Abrena to develop a market analysis, market requirements and business plan. After successfully doing so, Abrena procured the first two highly visible reference sales for this start-up business.

- A start-up enterprise software company engaged Abrena to develop their business plan, assist in procuring financing, doing a product-to-market assessment for a geographical expansion plan, and evaluating their current product readiness. Abrena successfully accomplished these objectives while assuming the interim executive roles of VP of Sales, VP of Business Development, and interim CEO.

- A developer of chip and board-level products engaged Abrena to author their business plan, helped finance the company and develop their market and sales strategy. Subsequently, all selling activities were accomplished by Abrena resulting in several large OEM agreements and technology partnerships.

- A European manufacturer of state of the art solid state disc drives engaged Abrena to establish a distribution channel of specialized value added resellers. In addition to accomplishing that objective, Abrena also established a service organization for the third party.

- A software start-up engaged Abrena to accomplish a product/market due diligence study of a new dynamic Internet acceleration product. Abrena discovered that the client's strategy had a low probability of succeeding in its current form. The client has since revised their strategy to seeking a strategic partnership that would provide a more competitively viable product offering ­ thus saving this client a significant amount of time and money pursing a flawed marketing effort.

In addition to the above, Abrena partners have served our clients in a wide variety of roles, including the following:

- President
- VP of Sales
- VP of Sales and Marketing
- VP of Business Development
- VP of Finance
- VP of Product Management

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