Abrena Methodology

Abrena has developed a four-phase process that has been proven consistently successful with clients worldwide over our 20-year history.

However, we have also learned that each and every client has different needs. Therefore, we work to reaffirm those tasks that you have already accomplished and concentrate on those aspects of the work that will yield the greatest return to your business. 

Phase 1: Initial Review

Abrena partners will validate the business and product strategy, market positioning, and value proposition(s). This validation is usually done at the company's facility at minimal cost. After this initial review, Abrena will provide the company with a written assessment and propose an appropriate engagement strategy to meet the company's business objectives.

Phase 2: Business Analysis

In this phase, Abrena validates the product to market fit, assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, identifies attractive new geographical and vertical market opportunities, recommends the optimal sales channel mix, and develops the marketing and sales programs to drive increased revenue. Abrena provides the client with a detailed business/market/sales plan outlining the steps necessary to achieve the market objective and optimize the business results.

Phase 3: Business Development

Abrena provides the client with hands-on business, market, and sales development to implement the strategy and tactics developed in Phase 2. We can work as a complement to your existing team or can take full responsibility for executing all aspects of the implementation. 

In this role, at least one Abrena senior partner is assigned full time for the entire length of the engagement. Typically this phase is six-months or longer in duration.  During this time, we act in every way (except the legal aspects) as if we were an employee of the company.

Phase 4: Continuing Support

Abrena remains committed to its clients' continued success and is capable of providing services as requested on a long-term basis; from periodic consulting to interim executive staffing.


We work with our clients in one of two basic compensation modes:

1. We contract with you for the desired business result and take partial or turnkey operational responsibility for achieving those results. During our engagement discussions, we work with you to ensure that the agreed to Abrena fees are more than compensated for in the value you receive with successful achievement of the business results.

2. One or more of our executive partners serve an integral part of your executive team on an interim or time-shared basis. The cost of this is significantly less than hiring permanent and full time executives - yet you would benefit from the knowledge and experience of our full complement of partners.

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